(This list is only for the last 10 years)

  1. Co-Principal Investigator, Engineering Informatics of Actigraphy for Preventing Mobility Incidents in Older Adults. UF Informatics Institute Seed Fund Grant (2014-2015), $37,838 (PI: Manini).
  2. Principal Investigator, Performance, Energy and Thermal Tradeoffs for Next Generation Intel Multicore Machines. Intel Corporation (2016), $100,000.
  3. Principal Investigator, Thermal Aware Computing: Hardware Monitoring and Software Controls, UF Foundation/Harris Corporation (2016), $20,000.
  4. Principal Investigator, Determining the Feasibility of Automatic Processing of Video Log Images for Detection of Key ADA Features, FDOT (2016), approx. $9000.
  5. Co-Principal Investigator, MRI: Acquisition of GatorCloud: Enabling High-Impact Scientific Research and Collaboration via Software Defined Networks and Cloud Services, National Science Foundation (2012-2017), approx. $1.17 million + matching funds from the university (PI: Andy Li).
  6. Co-Principal Investigator, Development and Testing of Optimized Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Trajectories at Signalized Intersections, Florida Department of Transportation (2015-2017), $392,603 (PI: Elefeteriadou).
  7. Co-Principal Investigator, PEAKS: Validation of Mobile Technologies for Clinical Assessment, Monitoring and Intervention, Everyfit Inc (2016-2017) (PI: Todd Manini), approximately $35,000.
  8. Principal Investigator, Big Data in Transportation, District 5 (Florida Department of Transportation) (2016-2018), approx. $630,000.
  9. Principal Investigator, Performance, Energy and Thermal Tradeoffs for Next Generation Intel Multicore Machines, INTEL CORP, (2016-2016) $100,000.
  10. Principal Investigator, Determining the feasibility of automatic processing of video log images for detection of key ADA features, Florida Department of Transportation, (2016-2016) $9,000
  11. Co-PI, PCORI Health Systems Demonstration Project NYC Capricorn (2016-2018), $308,000 (PI:Shenkman).
  12. Investigator, Finding SuperUtilizers in Texas Medicaid (effort in Texas External Quality Review Organization Vendor and Quality Vendor), Texas Health and Human Services (2014-2019), approx. $350,000 (PI: Shenkman) (Total Project Budget, $45+ million).
  13. Co-Principal Investigator, EAGER: Parallel Semi-supervised Machine Learning for Volumetric Datasets, National Science Foundation (2017-2019), $100,000 (PI: Rangarajan).
  14. Principal Investigator, SparseKaffe: High-Performance, Auto-Tuned Energy-Aware Algorithms for Sparse Direct Methods on Modern Heterogeneous Architectures, National Science Foundation (2015-2019), $395,454.
  15. Principal Investigator, Energy-Aware Time Change Detection Using Synthetic Aperture Radar on High-Performance Heterogeneous architectures, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (2015-2019), approx. $705,000.
  16. Principal Investigator, Truck Taxonomy and Classification Using Video and Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Technology, Florida Department of Transportation (2017-2019), approx. $200,000.
  17. Principal Investigator, Dynamic Intersection Learning Machine Optimization Real-time Engine, District 5 (Florida Department of Transportation) (2017-2019), approx. $230,000.
  18. Principal Investigator, Machine Learning Algorithms for Demand and Turning Movement Count, FDOT, 2018-2020, approx. $200,000.
  19. Principal Investigator, EAGER: Software-Hardware Co-Design Approaches for Multi-Level Memories, National Science Foundation (2017-2020), $300,000.
  20. Principal Investigator, Data Management and Analytics for UF Smart Testbed, FDOT, (2017-2020), approx. $540,000.
  21. Principal Investigator, Traffic-event Unification System Highlighting Arterial Roads, FDOT, 2017-2020, approx. $300,000.
  22. Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Compressible Multiphase Turbulence (CCMT), DOE/NNSA (2014-2020), approx. $11 million (PI: Bala Balachandar).
  23. Co-Principal Investigator, CPS: TTP Option: Synergy: Traffic Signal Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the Traffic Stream, National Science Foundation (2015-2021), approx. $1.6 million (PI: Elefeteriadou).
  24. Principal Investigator, Data Analytics and Evaluation of the Gainesville Trapezium Connected Vehicle Signal Phasing and Timing (SPaT) Deployment Project, Florida Department of Transportation, (2019-2020), $249,655.
  25. Principal Investigator, Parallel study in Trusted AI to support Sandia/UF Collaboration, UF VP of Research (2020-2021), $50,000.
  26. Principal Investigator, Bigdata Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Smart Intersections, Florida Department of Transportation (2019-2022), $750,000.
  27. Co-Principal Investigator, A Downscaling-Assimilation Framework for SMAP Observations to Obtain High-Resolution Crop Yields in Heterogeneous Agricultural Regions, NASA (2017-2022), approx. $450,000 (PI: Judge).
  28. Principal Investigator, Machine Learning Algorithms for Improved Network Traffic Signal Policy Optimization (2020-2023), Florida Department of Transportation, $320,000.
  29. Principal Investigator, Interstate 4 Florida’s Regional Advanced Mobility Elements, (2021-2023), $185,000.
  30. Principal Investigator, Video Analysis for Traffic Intersections in Seminole County, (2021-2023), FDOT D5, $70,000.


  1. Principal Investigator, Hybrid Learning Techniques for Data Reduction with Performance Guarantees, DOE (2021-2024), $900,000.
  2. Principal Investigator, RAPIDS2: A SciDAC Institute for Computer Science, Data and Artificial Intelligence, DOE (2020-2025), $550,000.
  3. Principal Investigator, Video-Based Machine Learning for Smart Traffic Analysis and Management, National Science Foundation Smart Cities and Communities, (2019-2024), approx. $2 million.
  4. Principal Investigator, Wearable Technology Infrastructure to Enhance Capacity for Real-Time, Online Assessment and Mobility (ROAMM) of Intervening Health Events in Older Adults, National Institute of Aging, 2019-2024, approx. $2.6 Million (Todd Manini is the other PI).
  5. Co-Core Leader OAIC Data Science and Applied Technology Core, National Institute of Aging, 2017-2022 approx. $2 Million, (PI: Pahor).
  6. Principal Investigator, Interstate 4 Florida’s Regional Advanced Mobility Elements: Before and After, (2023-2028), $201,000.
  7. Principal Investigator, Using Trajectory Data and Ground Sensor Data for Traffic Signal Policy Optimization, Florida Department of Transportation (2022-2025), $400,000.
  8. Principal Investigator, Near-Miss Traffic Incident Identification System at Signalized Intersections, Broward Coun,ty (2023-2024), approx., $415,000
  9. Principal Investigator, Research on Artificial-Intelligence for Data Integration with State Highways, Florida Department of Transportation (2022-2024), $300,000.