Computer Information science and engineering (CISE) is a young, vibrant, and evolving multidisciplinary discipline. It is an incredibly cross-disciplinary branch of science, bringing together models and simulations to understand natural systems.  As a professor focused on CISE, my role is to imbue these concepts in students and to equip the next generation of scientists and engineers with cutting edge concepts. Equally important, I strive to continuously update the curricula and degree programs and disseminate our latest research findings to a broad community, at home and abroad, so that we may all advance.

My goal in the classroom is to ultimately arm students with an intuitive understanding of the high-level concepts while also connecting them with opportunities for practical experience managing theoretical and software details. I teach courses on algorithms, parallel computing, data mining, and data science and I regularly connect the academic concepts with the research we conduct in the lab. Principally, I teach these complex and high-level concepts using simple tools, rather than pre-made slides, as I’ve found it promotes more interaction and participation and causes students to truly connect with the material rather than passively memorize.